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Ready to change your wellness culture? We can help you get there. Our Live Healthy America National Challenges provide local groups with access to a suite of tools to create, support and strengthen existing programming with online activities, tracking and data collection. It's the ideal solution to promote healthy lifestyles in your local community.

Wellness challenges and products that are so simple and easy to use- with online tracking via web/mobile for participants, as well as turn-key reporting and management for program managers. Best of all, our dedicated service team can help with everything from program communications to answering participants’ questions to make the process easy.

2018 Water You Up To Challenge!

With reminders, tips, and fliers that you can look for in breakrooms and bathroom stalls, Water You Up To? encourages you to swap out sugary beverages and drink more water throughout the day. Each day of the challenge, participants will track your water intake and log the results on your wellness portal.

Challenge Dates: June 4th - July 1st, 2018

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Welcome to the Live Healthy America portal!  Along your journey, we will assist you in making positive changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle.  By engaging in different programs, you will begin to form healthy habits through physical activity and improved nutrition. Simple solutions help lead to a healthier you by eating well, living well, saving well, sleeping well, breathing well, and playing well.